With hundreds of staff members throughout District 207, remembering telephone numbers can be a real challenge. With the ShoreTel phone system, the district-wide directory of individual staff members, classrooms, and the corresponding telephone extensions is built into each phone.

To access the directory, begin by pressing the physical “Directory” key on the keyboard below the arrow pad as pictured here.

Phone - Main Buttons

On the next screen, you can begin to scroll through the list using the arrow keys to the right of the numbers on the phone as pictured above, or you can simply use the number keys to begin spelling the last name or first name of the person you are trying to reach. (Please be aware that the more keys you enter, the closer the Directory will match the user.)

Once you have highlighted the name of the person that you would like to call, press the “Dial” soft button above the number pad at the bottom of the phone’s display to make the call.