With the ShoreTel voicemail, messages are delivered to your email as .wav files. This is different from the previous voicemail system, which simply notified you that a message was there. Now, the message will actually be delivered as the attached file. You can simply click on that to listen to your voicemail message. (Please remember that a copy of this message will remain in your voicemail until you have acted on it there, by deleting it, for example.)


Voicemail messages can be heard via a District 207 phone within the District as well as from outside the District by calling in to the voicemail system.


Accessing voicemail from a District 207 phone

There are two options for accessing voicemail when using a District phone. In either case, begin by pressing the physical “Voicemail” button below the arrow pad as pictured below.

voicemail button


Traditional Voicemail

The first option, which is the traditional method for accessing voicemail, is to press the “Call VM” soft button above the number keys as pictured below. Then, you will enter your PIN followed by “#”, and you will be able to hear and act on your existing voicemails.


Visual Voicemail

There is also the option to use visual voicemail, similar to what many modern smartphone users experience with voicemail on their cellular network. To use visual voicemail, simply enter your PIN followed by “#” after pressing the physical “Voicemail” button as pictured above. (You will skip the step entirely of pressing the “Call VM” soft button.)


Accessing voicemail from outside District 207

To access the voicemail system by dialing in from outside District 207, follow these steps.

  • Dial a main District 207 phone number, such as 847-696-3600, wait for beginning of the greeting.
  • Press “**”.
  • Enter your mailbox number, which the system refers to as your “extension number”.
  • Enter your PIN/password followed by “#”.

To listen to your messages, follow these steps after you have accessed your voicemail using the steps listed above.

  • To listen to new messages, press “1”, or to listen to saved messages, press “3”.
  • After each message has played, you have the following options:
    • Replay the message – Press “1”
    • Save the message – Press “2”
    • Delete the message – Press “3”
    • Forward a copy of the message to another mailbox (plus comments from you) – Press “4”