There are two steps to setting up the outgoing voicemail messages–recording your name and recording your outgoing message. You have already recorded your name. Now, you will record the outgoing greeting message.


Logging in to the voicemail system

On your telephone handset, begin by pressing the physical “Voicemail” button below the arrow pad as pictured below.

voicemail button

Then press the “Call VM” soft button above the number keys as pictured below.

Phone - Call Voicemail Soft Button

Now, enter your voicemail password that you have previously set as per the instructions from the automated voice attendant.

At this point, you will hear the automated voice attendant begin to provide you with a list of menu options.

  • To set a new greeting, press “7”.
  • Then, you will press “1” to begin the process of actually recording the greeting.
  • Follow the prompts to complete this process.