Upon launch of the new phone system on Monday, August 1, 2016, or when you are assigned a new phone number and mailbox (i.e., as a new employee), you will initially need to complete some basic set-up steps to activate your voicemail. These steps include:

  • Replacing the default PIN with a personalized PIN
  • Recording your name (first name – last name) for your voicemail


These steps will most easily be completed within the District on a District phone. This will only take a few moments and should be completed at one time.


On your telephone handset, begin by pressing the physical “Voicemail” button below the arrow pad as pictured below.

voicemail button

Then press the “Call VM” soft button above the number keys as pictured below.

Phone - Call Voicemail Soft Button

If you are logging in from a phone that is not your phone or you are asked to enter an extension number, press “#” and then enter your mailbox number.


Creating your PIN

Enter the default password/PIN (which was initially sent via email), followed by “#”.

Create a new numeric password/PIN that is at least 4-digits long. You will be asked to enter this password twice in order to confirm it following the prompts on the phone.


Recording your name

You will now be asked to record your name for the Directory. For this step, you will only state your name (rather than an introductory outgoing message). Follow the prompts, saying your first and last name, followed by the “#” key.

After you have initially recorded your name, you will have the following options:

  • Accept – “#”
  • Review – “1”
  • Re-record – “2”
  • Delete – “3”
  • Cancel – “*”

Continue until you have successfully recorded your name and clicked through to accept the recording.


Recording your outgoing message

At this point, you can continue on to record your outgoing message, or you can disconnect and call back at a later time to record an outgoing message. Either way, promptly completing the steps to record an outgoing message will assist those that are trying to reach you and who must leave a voicemail.