Google has now been able to release Inbox for Google for Education customers. Inbox uses machine learning to assist in managing email, and Inbox has built-in reminder functionality and deep integration with Google Calendar.

We have turned on Inbox for all users. While it is turned on for all users in Maine 207, it is rolling out slowly to users. (Even though, you may have already received an email from Google inviting you to use Inbox, it may not actually be available yet. Please be patient and just keep trying.)

Google Inbox remains optional for you. You can choose to use it or choose to continue to use Gmail in its more traditional interface (even after you have already tried Inbox).

Inbox has existed for nearly two years and has been widely available to consumers without invitations for almost a year. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are key elements of our future use of technology, and Inbox gives us an early glimpse into its strengths and potential.

For help and support from Google with using Inbox, check out the Google Inbox Support Center page. As you try Inbox, if you do have any questions, please visit your ChromeDepot!