In the two years since Google Classroom originally launched, the ability to provide information about what was taking place in Classroom to parents and guardians has been a highly requested feature from teachers and administrators. For the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Google has rolled out this feature.

Teachers need to first turn on Guardian Email summaries. This can be done by going to the “Students” tab in one of the classes in Classroom. Then, on the lower left slide, there is a section for “Guardian Email Summaries”. There, the slider can simply be moved to the right to turn on email summaries for parents and guardians.

Classroom - Guardian Email Summaries

Then, next to each students name, you can add the parents/guardians by clicking “Invite Guardians”.

Classroom Invite Guardians

You can add one or more parents to each student as pictured below. Unfortunately, this does need to be done manually at this time. Fortunately, this only needs to be done at the beginning of a semester or the school year.

Classroom Invite Parents Specifics

Once the parents have been invited, you can email all parents, using the “Email All Guardians” button at the top of the Classroom page or you can email an individual student’s guardian(s).

Of course, you don’t have to email parents at all as you can let the auto-updating features that Google has created do that work and allow parents to control what information they receive and when they receive it.

Once set-up, parents are able to choose the frequency and nature of the auto-updates that they receive. Google has explained this in detail for parents on this Google Support page, which parents also have access to view.

Classroom Parent Support Page