Enrolling students in a class in Google Classroom is very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. The teacher should create the class at classroom.google.com (The teacher who creates the class can also add any co-teachers as necessary under the “About” tab by clicking the “Invite Teacher” button.)
  2. Under the “Students” tab, the teacher will see a code on the left side of the page as pictured below. Teachers can simply write this code on the board in the classroom or project it using the projector. (It can also be emailed to students, but students as young as first grade have shown that they can easily enter the code from the board independently!) (Additionally, on the right side of the page, the teacher(s) can set student permissions. Typically, to ensure a vibrant community discussing the learning, it should be kept at the default setting, “Students can post and comment”, as pictured below.Classroom - Student Code and Permissions
  3. Students should go to classroom.google.com or click on the Google Classroom app on their Chromebooks. Then, they will click the “+” button in the upper-right corner and select “Join class”.Classroom Join-Create a Class
  4. Finally, students will enter the class code. Now, they are enrolled in the class.

Along with being in the class, both students and teachers will now have access to the class calendar in Classroom and in Google Calendar, and it will create a folder for the class inside a “Classroom” folder within Google Drive as pictured below. Both of these are automatically created by Classroom.

Classroom Drive Folder