Maine Township High School District 207 uses Skyward to manage Human Resources and Finance information. Skyward is widely used for these purposes in school districts throughout Chicago’s suburbs, Illinois, and across the United States. Each staff member can enter the Skyward “Employee Access Portal” online.

When you access Skyward, you will need to login with your Maine 207 Active Directory username and password. (The username is what comes before the “@” in your email address, which is typically the first letter of your first name and your last name.)

Skyward AD Login Screen

You may be prompted by your web browser to allow pop-ups. If so, click “Always Allow”.

Within the Employee Access portal of Skyward, you will want to click on the “Employee Information” top tab in order to see the information that appears in Skyward.

Skyward Employee Information Top Tab

For example, to view your a previous paycheck, click on the link for “Check History” under the “Payroll” window. Likewise, if you should need to print your W2 Form, you can click on the “W2 Information” link under “Payroll”.

Please note that all information from 2014 and earlier can be found in the old Human Resources and Financial management system here.