Maine Township High School District 207 is shifting from Eduphoria to FMX, another online tool, for the submission and tracking of maintenance requests. FMX is a specialized tool for such services and will create new efficiencies for our maintenance staff as well as providing better reporting. Follow these steps to login to FMX and submit your requests, as necessary.

Login to FMX

Either type this link directly in your web browser or access the link via the website.

FMX-Login.jpgLogin with your Maine 207 Active Directory username and password. (The username is not the full email address, just your first initial and last name as pictured. The password is the same password that you use to login to your Chromebook.)

Click the “Sign in” button.


Create a new maintenance request

Click the “New Request” button in the upper right corner of the screen as pictured below.

FMX-New request.jpg


Fill out the form pictured below, making sure to complete all of the required fields.

FMX-Complete Form.jpg


For location, you must either choose your room from the list, if available, or select “other” to type in your own location if it is not on the list.

Click the “Select file” button if you want to upload an attachment.

Click “Save” when done.


Editing an existing maintenance request

Click “Maintenance Request” on the left hand side to change your view.

Click on your request to view the details.

Then, click the “Edit” button to edit the original request as pictured below.

FMX-Edit Request.jpg


You can also comment on the original request, and/or you can click the “Respond” button to add a comment, too.