Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, Aspen was updated on November 22, 2016. This update provided some new features as well as a refresh to the graphic design elements of Aspen. Despite extensive testing of Aspen over a nearly two month period prior to the update, unfortunately, some minor issues have surfaced.

In the previous version of Aspen (v. 5.4), students were able to submit assignments online after the due date if the online submission window had been extended beyond the due date.

Unfortunately, this no longer works the same in the current version of Aspen (v.5.6), though there are some fairly simple workarounds to overcome this.

Now, once you have entered a score for an assignment, like “NY” or any other grade, the student is no longer able to submit the assignment online in Aspen. In order for a student to submit the assignment late, you have to clear the grade for the student first.

In the example below, the student has received an “NY” and is now trying to submit the assignment online. Unfortunately, the student will not be able to submit this because there is a grade for that assignment.

Aspen - Grade - Online Submission Issue 1

In this case, the student will need to communicate with the teacher that they are ready to re-submit (or submit for the first time) the assignment. Then, the teacher will need to go into the Aspen Gradebook and clear out the grade for that assignment. The teacher can simply click in that cell in the Gradebook and delete the grade.

Aspen - Grade - Online Submission Issue 2

At this point, the student can submit/re-submit the assignment without issue. If teachers believe that there may be some time between the submission of the assignment by the student and when the teacher has cleared out the grade, the teacher can use Aspen’s built-in comments feature (in “Assignment feedback”) in order to provide clear communication to the student and parents that the assignment has either not yet been turned in or needs to be re-submitted. To leave a comment for students and parents, teachers click on the dialogue bubble that is pictured in the cell for that assignment for that student in the Gradebook.

Aspen - Grade - Online Submission Issue 3

Then, simply leave a comment in the top box for students and parents to view. (Please don’t forget to click “Save” at the bottom of this dialog box!)

Aspen - Grade - Online Submission Issue 4

This change in behavior from Aspen related to the submission of assignments online has already been reported to Aspen Support by Maine 207 technical team members as a bug. In the meantime, this workaround will allow teachers to continue to provide up-to-date communication to parents and students while also allowing students to submit/re-submit work after grades have initially been entered with only a few additional clicks from teachers.