Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, valid scores for a student assignment must be one of the following:

  • A letter grade from the District Standard Approved Scale, excluding “INVALID”
  • A numeric grade that is at least 40.01% of the total possible points for the assignment

First, find classes and the assignments within that class that have invalid scores using a report.

Navigate to Staff View > Gradebook top tab.

From the “Reports” button, select the “Invalid Assignment Scores Report”.

Invalid Scores Report Pull-Down

This report will show you all of the the classes that have at least one assignment score that is not valid. If no classes are listed, you have no invalid scores to correct.



Now, you will want to find assignments that have invalid scores using filters. First, select one of the classes that was listed in the previous report.

Then, navigate to the Assignments side tab.

As pictured below, use the filter to select the filter “[m207] Assignments with Invalid Grades”.

Assignments with Invalid Grades Filter

This filter will show you all of the assignments that have at least one score that is not valid. If no assignments are listed, you have no invalid scores to correct. If one or more assignments is listed, continue to the next step.

Choose the assignments that you would like to review and correct and navigate to the Scores side tab.

Be sure that your Gradebook settings allow you to see all of the columns necessary to fix the assignments in question as pictured below.

Gradebook View Settings


Now, review the scores for each of the assignments in question. Be sure that the grades entered align with the Maine 207 District Standard Approved Grade Scale. Pressing the key combination “CTRL”+”L” allows you to lookup the grades in the grade scale that was assigned to the assignment.

If entering numeric grades, first, outside the Gradebook, calculate what 40% of the total possible points is for the total value of the assignment. Numeric grades that are at or below that score should be entered as either “NY” for “Not Yet” or “NO” for “No Opportunity” depending on the details and context of the assessment. Additionally, when using these scores, there should be feedback that accompanies the score that is visible to students and parents in the Portal.

To add feedback of notes to an assignment score, click on the blank dialogue bubble icon Aspen - Blank Dialogue Bubble when editing an assignment score. Once you have provided feedback for a specific assignment for a specific student, you will see a filled-in dialogue bubble icon Aspen - Filled Dialogue Bubble. You can click on that to edit that feedback text and update it.


Once you have reviewed and corrected the scores, you can re-run the report, and you will see that the class no longer has assignments with invalid scores.