Certain features of the Maine 207 ShoreTel phones are accessible via the web at voicemail.maine207.org/login. In this portal, users can listen to and manage voicemails, update preferences, and change the greeting type based on meeting status. Of course, all of the functionality that currently exists directly in the phones is still available. The web portal simply provides an additional option.


Logging in to the phone web portal

To login to the telephone web portal, go to voicemail.maine207.org/login. Please note that the entire URL (web address), including “/login”, must be in the address to be able to successfully sign-in. This site has also been added to the default Maine207.org bookmarks in Chrome for all staff members.

Once you get to the login screen that is pictured below, you will sign-in with your Active Directory username (first initial plus last name) and your voicemail password that you use on the telephone itself. This is different than most other systems that are used in Maine 207.

Voicemail Login


Navigating the Phone and Voicemail Web Portal

Once you are logged in, you will notice the website divided into top and bottom halves. In the bottom half of the page, there are three tabs. The default tab on the left is Voicemail. There, you will see any voicemails that have been left as pictured below.Phone and Voicemail Main Web Portal

Voicemails that have not yet been heard will be marked in bold. Once a voicemail has been heard, it will change to a normal font. From here, listening to a voicemail is as easy as double-clicking on it. Once the message is played, it will also clear out from being a new message on your phone.

To delete a voicemail, simply click on it one time, so the row is highlighted, as in the example pictured above. Then, click the “Delete” button in the top row of that section. The deleted message will move down temporarily to the Deleted Messages section of the website.


Other features of the Phone and Voicemail Web Portal

From the History tab, the complete call history of the phone line is available. The Call Details tab will show information about a call that is currently in progress in real-time.

Call History

Additionally, users can select the phone’s response mode. Most users will leave phones on “Standard” all the time, but the other mode types are also available as options near the top left-corner of the web portal. By default, “Standard” is the option that is displayed, but if you click on that, other choices also appear.

Phone Response Meeting Settings

Under the “More” menu, users can access all of the phone and voicemail preference settings, by clicking on “Preferences”.

Phone and voicemail preferences

When the Preferences button is clicked, a new window will open with the range of settings and choices as pictured below.

Phone and voicemail preferences detail