Maine Township High School District 207 was founded in 1902 in the near Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Today, Maine 207 serves approximately 6,400 diverse students in an exciting and engaging environment in four schools: Maine East, Maine West, Maine South, and Frost Academy.

Throughout its history, District 207 has prided itself on innovating in order to best serve its students and their futures. Through these efforts, students and staff members in and from Maine 207 have had a tremendous impact on the world.

The Maine Way

The Maine Way is a code for students and staff that has been in place for decades. While these principles are timeless and remain as important today as they were in the past, like all vibrant organizations, Maine Township High School District 207 is constantly evolving and growing as the District consistently states, “Innovation is in our DNA.”

Toward this same end, The Maine Way is about how all members of the District 207 community learn and work together, and this blog supports those same efforts to learn and grow–building upon the foundation laid out decades ago by The Maine Way.

The Maine Way, as┬áMaine 207’s professional development blog, provides a rich source of information for staff members as they continue innovating to prepare today’s students for tomorrow.

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