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Technologically preparing to leave Maine 207

Each year, a number of staff members leave Maine 207 for a variety of reasons. In preparation for leaving, there are a number of important pieces of information related to one’s technological accounts:

Continue reading “Technologically preparing to leave Maine 207”

Google Drive Template Gallery goes end-of-life

On February 15, 2017, the old Google Drive Template Gallery will be shut down by Google. Like most elements of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Education), Maine 207 has used the Google Drive Template Gallery fairly extensively over many years. While Google is ending this collection location for organization-wide templates, Google has replaced it with specific Template Galleries for each of the major “apps” within G Suite – Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. Continue reading “Google Drive Template Gallery goes end-of-life”

Google’s Shared Drives in Maine 207

Updated 5/13/2020: Maine Township High School District 207 was selected for early access to the Shared Drive feature in Google Drive, born Team Drives. Continue reading “Google’s Shared Drives in Maine 207”

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