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Caveat Emptor – Be on-guard against phishing

While our highest purpose and goal as schools to support students with learning in order to prepare them to follow their passions and be ready for successful futures, keeping students safe is also core to the mission of schools. Today, part of this is ensuring that student data is also safe and secure. The number one threat to student data today in Maine Township High School District 207 is via social engineering, typically through phishing attacks in which users are tricked into giving up their username and password for their account.

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Protect students & staff – Avoid phishing scams

Throughout history, scam artists have used the culture and technology of the day to do their work, and the 21st Century is no different. Today, email is often used, and much of the world’s problem with viruses and identity theft is the result, not of computer or technological issues, but of us actually clicking on something that we should not.

While Gmail is incredibly successful at identifying spam and preventing it from reaching the inboxes of users, it is still fairly easy in most cases to detect spam. In any case in which an email may be spam, it should simply be deleted.

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