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Telephone features accessible on the web

Certain features of the Maine 207 ShoreTel phones are accessible via the web at In this portal, users can listen to and manage voicemails, update preferences, and change the greeting type based on meeting status. Of course, all of the functionality that currently exists directly in the phones is still available. The web portal simply provides an additional option.

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Back in time-Using the call history

When you need to re-call a phone number of someone that you have previously called or from whom you have received a call, you can access these numbers in the call log, or call history. To access the call history: Continue reading “Back in time-Using the call history”

Conference calling

Google Hangouts remains District 207’s primary method for students and staff members to collaborate with one another via video, audio, and chat. Through Hangouts, students and staff members have access to far more advanced features than via traditional telephone-based conferencing solutions, including screen-sharing, document-sharing, and chat. Additionally, Hangouts now allows telephone numbers to be added to the Hangout, further extending in to traditional telephone conferencing territory. Continue reading “Conference calling”

Directory: Access phone numbers fast

With hundreds of staff members throughout District 207, remembering telephone numbers can be a real challenge. With the ShoreTel phone system, the district-wide directory of individual staff members, classrooms, and the corresponding telephone extensions is built into each phone.

To access the directory, begin by pressing the physical “Directory” key on the keyboard below the arrow pad as pictured here. Continue reading “Directory: Access phone numbers fast”

Listening to voicemail messages

With the ShoreTel voicemail, messages are delivered to your email as .wav files. This is different from the previous voicemail system, which simply notified you that a message was there. Now, the message will actually be delivered as the attached file. You can simply click on that to listen to your voicemail message. (Please remember that a copy of this message will remain in your voicemail until you have acted on it there, by deleting it, for example.)


Voicemail messages can be heard via a District 207 phone within the District as well as from outside the District by calling in to the voicemail system. Continue reading “Listening to voicemail messages”

Setting up the outgoing voicemail message

There are two steps to setting up the outgoing voicemail messages–recording your name and recording your outgoing message. You have already recorded your name. Now, you will record the outgoing greeting message.


Logging in to the voicemail system

On your telephone handset, begin by pressing the physical “Voicemail” button below the arrow pad as pictured below. Continue reading “Setting up the outgoing voicemail message”

Calling 911

Calling 911 on our new ShoreTel phones is as simple as dialing “9-1-1”. There is no additional “9” needed like for other outside calls.

Of course, since all other outside calls will require that we dial “9” – “1” – and then the area code followed by the seven digit phone number, it is critical that we are careful not to accidentally dial “9-1-1” when it is unnecessary. If the user does dial “9-9-1-1”, the call will also be routed to 911. Continue reading “Calling 911”

New phone system

On Friday, July 29th, District 207’s new ShoreTel telephone system became fully operational.

In addition to the great many technical “behind-the-scenes” steps that have been completed in preparing for this move over the past few months, new telephone handsets have been set-up throughout District 207.

The old phones will be removed by Maine 207 technical team members in early August. Continue reading “New phone system”

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